How Do I Stay Healthy While Traveling?

August 16,2018

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Any of us who have had some kind of illness or injury befall us while out adventuring can attest to it being an unpleasant experience. Ultimately - in travel and in daily life - our health is our responsibility, and we are wise to be mindful in balancing risks and precautions. Come along as we explore health principles that will serve us well, on the road and even at home.

The following will keep our health (which is the foundation of travel health) habits on track for a life of freedom and enjoyment, in our daily life and while out traveling:

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How Do I Prepare For a Mountain Trek?

July 26,2018

We put our all into planning the trekking trips we offer, but there is much preparation needed on your end as well! The summits and trails, archaeological sites and mountain peoples in Asia (Nepal), Africa (Kilimanjaro) and Latin America (Peru, Argentina and Brazil), beckon you to visit. While your guides will provide the meals and local knowledge needed to navigate your trekking route safely, your responsibility is to be properly prepared when you arrive in country in terms of mental and physical conditioning, knowledge of what to expect while trekking, and in terms of gear.

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Do I Need A Travel Visa For The Country I'm Visiting?

July 12,2018
It’s good to be in the know when it comes to travel visas if you want to travel the world. If we plan to travel, especially as a United States citizen and to destinations outside of the EU (many of these countries do not require a travel visa for stays under 90 days), the majority of the time we will need a travel visa. A visa is an endorsement in one’s passport that allows the traveler to stay in a country or other territory for a specified duration of time. There are many types and lengths of travel visas, and there are several factors involved in getting them arranged for the country you’ll be visiting. With Global Basecamps putting together the best trips out there to dozens of countries, let’s get you started on your travel visa education!
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Best of Basecamps: Nishimuraya Honkan Ryokan

December 30,2013

Japan’s Culture Through Ryokan

Nishimuraya RyokanFew countries can claim their hotels as one of their main tourist attractions. Japan is different. Staying in a traditional ryokan provides insight into what Japan values: simple, well-made food, courteous service, tradition, a place that feels like home.

No one travels in Japan more than the Japanese themselves. Part of this is due to the values listed above, and part of this is because of the natural hot springs that dot the islands. Weekends at a hot spring resort are not just common, they’re a necessary respite from the stress of urban living. Knowing this, it’s safe to say that the country’s best ryokan are located near the country’s most popular natural hot springs.

And so we come to Nishimuraya Honkan Ryokan, a traditional yet luxurious basecamp in Kinosaki-cho, Japan.

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Best of Basecamps: Titilaka

October 01,2013

Getting to Lake Titicaca

TitilakaYou get an idea of why Titilaka is so special as you land at nearby Juliaca airport. As excited as any traveler is to see stunning Lake Titicaca, the cities of neighboring Juliaca and lake-side Puno are… not a good introduction. There is poverty in Puno, there is an indigenous culture forgotten by modern civilization, there are incomplete brick buildings, there is a growing urban haze. And bad news for most travelers: most of the hotels on Lake Titicaca are within view of all of this.

But then your private driver keeps driving, and driving, and driving. Almost blissfully, the city gets left in the rear view mirror. City sounds and sights give way to family farms and the families that work them. Long views of the lake compliment the wide open sky that feels closer at this high elevation. And thirty minutes later, you arrive at your country estate.

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