How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

March 12,2019

Of all the travel experiences the world has to offer, the African safari remains a top choice and lifelong dream for many travelers. The continent of Africa hosts innumerable cultures and a kaleidoscope of wildlife biodiversity, and a safari is the perfect way to experience this dazzling part of the world.

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How Can I Learn About the Wildlife of the Country I’ll Be Visiting?

January 10,2019

From the humble bird feeder in our yard to the exhilaration of watching a herd of massive elephants from the back of our safari jeep, few feelings compare to those of having a close encounter with wildlife! There is growing evidence - Scottish doctors prescribing time in nature to their patients, the emerging disciplines of wilderness and animal therapy, and more - that landscapes and their biodiversity are good for our wellbeing. The growth of the safari tour, birding tours and nature-oriented travel back this idea up by their growth year by year, but how can we get the most out of the precious time we spend on our trip in these areas of natural splendor? Let’s dig into how we can learn about the natural environment, especially the wildlife, of the country you’ll be visiting on your trip.

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What Are 5 Top Things To Do In South Africa?

September 28,2018

Wherever our travels take us, there are sights and activities that are simply not to be missed. Top experiences are renowned for a reason: they just can’t be found anywhere else! South Africa is a country of a dramatic past, amazing scenery and striking people and wildlife, and there are a handful of mentions that stand out from the rest. Scope out our list of five top things do in South Africa that are part of Global Basecamps’ itineraries, and also are activities you can check out yourself once your tour or safari come to an end.

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Exciting New Africa Safari Options for 2019

September 27,2018

We are excited to officially announce our Africa Shared Departures for 2019. These scheduled trips are ideal for those seeking an effortless and affordable option, without sacrificing quality. Space is limited for these exclusive small group safaris and Kenya and Tanzania are trending for 2019 so now is the time to book your safari for next year. Reserve your spot before it's gone!

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What Documents Does My Child Need to Travel to South Africa?

March 16,2016

View from Table Mountain, on Cape Town

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