How Can I Learn About the Wildlife of the Country I’ll Be Visiting?

January 10,2019

From the humble bird feeder in our yard to the exhilaration of watching a herd of massive elephants from the back of our safari jeep, few feelings compare to those of having a close encounter with wildlife! There is growing evidence - Scottish doctors prescribing time in nature to their patients, the emerging disciplines of wilderness and animal therapy, and more - that landscapes and their biodiversity are good for our wellbeing. The growth of the safari tour, birding tours and nature-oriented travel back this idea up by their growth year by year, but how can we get the most out of the precious time we spend on our trip in these areas of natural splendor? Let’s dig into how we can learn about the natural environment, especially the wildlife, of the country you’ll be visiting on your trip.

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Off The Beaten Path: Why Plan A Custom Tour?

January 07,2019

When you think of travel, which words come to mind?

Adventure? Inspiration? Exploration?

Visiting another country always brings many new experiences, but at the same time, the experience can vary widely based on our approach to planning our trip. All countries that host travelers have attractions that have become famous, and usually for good reason: they are awesome! Natural or cultural, every country has features and monuments that the masses want to see. The response from the travel industry? Packaged tours that often cater to large groups and leave little decision making power of hands of the traveler.

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What Is "Overtourism", And Why Does It Matter?

November 29,2018

When we add up all the different parts of the tourism industry (transportation, lodging, activities and many more), what comes together is one of the largest economic sectors in the world. International tourist arrivals - or, travelers arriving at a destination outside their home country for at least one night - have topped one billion, and this growth shows few signs of slowing down. Intercultural experiences are at an all-time high, but is that always a good thing? While the recent United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) conference “Tourism: a Catalyst for Development, Peace and Reconciliation” highlights tourism’s power for good, not all is well in the tourism world, as the emerging term “overtourism” describes.

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What's The Best Way to Pack for Travel?

October 05,2018

At Global Basecamps, we make adventure easy as our expert travel specialists assure that planning your trip is a breeze. And as for the also challenging process of packing your bags? We’re here to help you with that, too! Getting the most out of every liter of your bags can be a fun challenge - here are some helpful packing tips that will make the most out of your bag!

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Travel and Local Languages: How Much Should I Learn For My Trip?

September 14,2018

Many of us choose to travel for many reasons: visiting famous ruins, climbing an iconic peak, seeing captivating wildlife … the list could go on and on. At the same time, many of us travelers come away with a much greater than anticipated appreciation for the local people we meet in the country we visit. It is often said that a smile is the universal language, and it can be a charming part of our trip to make our way through our trip relying on our guides and some nonverbal communication. However, it is both practical and polite to learn some of the language of the people whose homelands we will be visiting.

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