Looking Back at a Decade of Travel

December 31,2019


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Global Basecamps Sustainable Travel Gift Guide

December 18,2019

With the holiday and vacation season in full swing, we're sure you’ve already been contemplating what kind of products can not only make a great gift for a loved one (or even ourselves), but also which ones are great for travel and the environment, too! Part of working to live and travel more sustainably means making better choices about the things we buy, use in our daily lives, and take with us when we travel.

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The Galapagos Islands: Impactful Ecotourism & Glamping with Giant Tortoises

December 05,2019

The Galapagos Islands are a prime example of how ecotourism can be used as a tool for conservation. As one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world, this archipelago boasts over 76 species of native and endemic animals.  While sea-based tours have traditionally been the primary method to explore the islands, in recent years the development of new lodges, hotels, and safari camps has led to a rise in land-based tours.

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How Can I Learn More About Mountain Trekking?

October 02,2019

Mountain trekking brings with it nearly every thrill and delight that adventure travel can offer: exhilarating interactions with nature, honored visits to the homelands of traditional peoples, meeting other adventurers from every corner of the planet. Treks almost without exception max out the adventure meter, and Global Basecamps is thrilled to offer trail journeys at the best trekking destinations in the world!

However, all the highlights accounted for, mountain trekking is serious business. Many of us live the kind of active lifestyle that keeps us in pretty good shape, and also have some outdoor experience that has readied us for the kind of adventure that trekking offers. Others of us might appreciate a helping hand in learning about what mountain trekking is, how to prep for it, where some of the best destinations are, and so on. If this is the case, you’re in the right place - check out our Mountain Trekking (Intro) Guide!

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Travel's Role in Taking Charge of Our Planet's Future

September 26,2019

Last Friday, millions of people across the globe skipped school, walked out of offices and banded together to protest climate change. Demonstrators in what was collectively called the Global Climate Strike demanded an “end to the age of fossil fuels.''

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