What Traditional Cultures Can You Experience in Namibia?

November 16,2018

Global Basecamps’ itineraries to Namibia travel to many destinations throughout this fascinating arid country. From mountainous sand dunes to majestic wildlife and the wild coastline, this rarely-visited country has much to offer both in natural splendor and in its native indigenous cultures. Many call the country home (including the San, the Nama, the Ovahimba, the Ovazemba, the Ovatjimba, and the Ovatue). Composing about 8% of the country’s population, these peoples are largely hunter-gatherers or pastoralist herders of livestock, though some have also taken more modern occupations. Many are in the process of overcoming social hardships, and some groups have found resources for their culture in the tourism industry.

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Ulimate Namibia Safari for 2018

May 23,2017

If you are thinking of traveling in 2018 and are not sure where to go, Namibia is a must see destination. We are excited to share that many extremely popular Namibia safari itineraries will be offered for 2018.

Our ulimate Namibia safari has multiple departure dates from February through December, 2018 and incorporates a wide variety of activities, destinations and unique lodging over 10 days. Travelers will have the chance to experience the magnificent and memorable country of Namibia in their own very personal way. Throughout the itinerary, you will be led by an experienced and professional safari guide, who will introduce you to the unique wonders of this country and showcase the best of the best, without any stress.

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Unique Namibia Safari Camps

March 16,2017

Take a step off the beaten path as you venture into the enchanting landscapes of Namibia.  Open, empty spaces punctuated by desert wildlife are the menu here. Endless, beautiful deserts blend dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean, creating some of the world’s most unique, windswept coasts and habitats for Africa’s animals. Desert species that can’t be found anywhere else in nature are strewn across the Namib and Kalahari Deserts alongside Africa's Big Five. Let the bucket listers have the well-trodden, tourist-y destinations, Namibia is for dreamers and explorers.

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Road Trip Namibia Tours

October 08,2014


One of the best, most cost-effective and personal ways to experience Namibia is in a car. American travelers are usually taken aback when they learn this. The Road Trip is a very American convention. From Route 66 to Pacific Coast Highway, the best way to see the 50 states is from behind the wheel. We list Namibia among the few overseas destinations where we suggest the same.

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