5 Things to Do on Morocco Tours

February 27,2018

All-inclusive Morocco tours are an excellent way to achieve a comprehensive encounter with the multifaceted country in a timely fashion. However, curiosity and time to spare make it well worth the effort to seek out certain less-toured novelties that reign extraordinary even in a country where idiosyncrasy is the norm.  Whether you've already been on a highlights tour of Morocco or you’re just eager to take the bull by the horns from the get-go, you can easily book a day tour to make the most out of these five expectedly unexpected experiences.

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Any Morocco Tour Requires Time in Marrakesh

June 23,2015

Streets of Marrakesh

Our Instagram fans were dreaming about an afternoon ride through colorful Marrakesh this week. The Old Quarter of this Moroccan city is a maze of alleyways and narrow streets, populated entirely with vendors, small restaurants, and street performers. The cardinal directions lose all authority here, and travelers often get gleefully lost. This is a good thing.

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The Best Morocco Tours Ecolodge

April 05,2012

Atlas Kasbah EcolodgeIf “Morocco” does not evoke thoughts of green-living and eco-travel, if the the arid hills of Northern Africa are not on your list of destinations for your around the world tour, and if you don’t think a traditional Moroccan kasbah somewhere between the Atlas Mountains and coastal Agadir can teach us how to live our lives more harmoniously with our environment, let Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge change your perspective. When the travel specialists here at Global Basecamps were researching travel opportunities in Morocco, we were giddy to find a local property that so closely matched our company ethos of sustainable travel.

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5 Off the Beaten Path Ski Destinations

December 13,2011

With the cost of lift tickets rising each year at popular North America ski resorts and crowds continuing to grow, a ski or snowboard vacation can include its fair share of headaches. Look off the beaten path for some unique ski resorts and take advantage of fewer crowds in these quaint mountain towns.

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