Where to Travel When: Part 1, January to June

January 10,2024

When there are so many wonderful destinations, it can be tough to choose just one to visit. Month-by-month, we help you pick.

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Argentina in Winter

July 11,2023

Take a break from the summer heat in North America and enjoy the many pleasures of Argentina’s mild winter

Perhaps you want to escape summer doldrums but you are not ready to pull out your skis yet. You want to be outdoors, but not overcome by the heat and humidity that afflicts large portions of North America during the summer. Argentina is the answer. In July, August, and September, this beautiful country in the Southern Hemisphere experiences winter. But winter in Argentina is, in most of the country, temperate. With average low temperatures hovering around 50 degrees F and average highs of 60 degrees F, the country offers the perfect temperature for myriad cultural, nature, and adventure activities. 

In cold weather or warm, Buenos Aires–where, let’s face it, there’s no bad season–is the logical place to start. The median temperature from July to September ranges from about 51F to 61F. You literally don’t have to sweat it. 

Seeing a tango show is almost a requirement while you’re in Buenos Aires. If you’re there during August, you can even experience the Buenos Aires Tango Journey, from August 7 to 21, 2023. “Tango, more tango, and even more tango, that's how we want to spend the two weeks with you. Every day lessons with the maestros….Every night visiting the best and most beautiful milongas (informal tango-like social dances) in the city. Experience many tango shows and live concerts.” There are tango-related activities all over town. Watch professional dancers perform this iconic dance or learn to tango and take to the floor yourself. 

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What Are the Cultural Norms for Argentina?

November 14,2019

Argentina can seem like a bit of an obscure country to those of living up here in the Northern Hemisphere: it sits so far down there in South America, opposite the long, skinny country of Chile as they both reach to the very tip of the continent. But once we start talking about things like fine wine (think: Malbec), fine clothing representing fine nature (cue: Patagonia), and breathtaking waterfalls (the mighty Iguazu), this country may be more on our radar than we think!

Divided into four regions - North, Andes, Pampas, and Patagonia - each of these areas has its natural and cultural distinctions, but one thing is for sure: as the people of the countries we visit often become the very highlight, those of Argentina are no different and have unique cultural norms that inspire and delight. Let’s explore the ways of life we’ll encounter as we meet the locals on Argentina tours.

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