Discovering Havana with our travel specialist Valentina Michaels

October 03,2023


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Guatemala Markets

July 06,2020


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Tulum Ruins

June 15,2020

Tulum, once considered an off-the-beaten-path destination on the southern end of Mexico’s dazzling Caribbean Coast, has become a world class tourism region with stunning beaches, a range of budget, boutique, and deluxe eco-resort options, and those famous Tulum Mayan Ruin. 

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Colombia: Culture and Traditions

May 24,2020

Colombia is a vibrant, multicultural country with a rich and tumultuous history.  From the beginning, the geographic location of Colombia made it a main port of travel for Caribbean and Mesoamerican people - it was always an ethnically diverse place. Any Colombia Tour would be remiss without some exposure to the incredible history, culture and traditions of this country.

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Easter Island Highlights

May 12,2020

After 5-6 hours of flying over the Pacific Ocean, you are rewarded with your first glimpse of Easter Island. Maps help give an idea of the distance between Easter Island and South America, but without setting foot there, it is hard to understand its true seclusion. As your plane touches down at Mataveri International Airport, and you walk across the tarmac to the small terminal, you begin to grasp how remote and special this place is. The near treeless landscape alludes to the island’s history of deforestation and allows for sweeping views dotted with moai (famous monolithic “Easter Island heads”, which are actually full bodies) in many directions. These views also hint at the ecological crises the island suffered in the past.

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