Narita Airport or Haneda Airport: Which is Better to Fly Into?

September 19,2018
You've just confirmed your Japan trip of a lifetime and are ready to get your flights tucked away!  With the most convenient and often best priced flight options, deciding to fly into and/or out of Tokyo is an easy choice, but which of the city's two major airports would be best for you?
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How Do I Manage Money While Traveling in Japan?

August 31,2018

Unless you’re hitchhiking, in today’s travel scene you are good with a debit card … end of story. Or is it?

Of course not. Travel - especially to international destinations, particularly those in the more economically developed countries - requires careful budgeting and money management, and there isn’t always an ATM around every corner like in many parts of Europe. Just like covering passport and visa issues, learning phrases in the local language, or taking care of your health while traveling, being sure you have a clear picture of how money matters work in your destination country is important. No two countries are exactly the same in this respect, and they can bring surprises.

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Best Times of Year to Visit Kyoto Japan

March 16,2018

Kyoto's 1,600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines are not solely responsible for the city’s year-round allure.  Kyoto tours will have you learning about Zen Buddhism while sipping matcha during a chanoyu (tea ceremony) and browsing the mile-long Nishiki food market for ingredients to cook in the kitchen of a traditional machiya (wooden town house).  You can try sake tasting, calligraphy, martial arts, or roketsu (wax-resist) dyeing, and each season offers a unique bouquet of matsuri (local festivals) to top it all off.

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Japanese Cherry Blossom Season Promotion

October 19,2017

Are you interested in witnessing Japan's famous and fleeting sakura (cherry blossoms)? If so, we recommend acting now as some of the most popular hotels throughout the region are already beginning to fill up in anticipation of the spectacular blooms. Here's a sample of one of our most popular Japan tours schedule.

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Discover Japanese Onsens: Learn What to Expect Before You Undress

May 12,2016

So you are going to Japan and are planning on visiting a traditional Japanese hot spring, also known as a onsen. You just found out, clothing is not permitted....

In Japanese culture, onsens are introduced to life at a very young age and locals don't blink twice before entering the steamy therapeutic baths. If you are not familiar with the hot spring culture, read on to discover the correct etiquette, customs and norms before taking the plunge so you are prepared with realistic expectations and truly relax. 

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