What Are Some Cultural Norms for Travel in Myanmar?

February 21,2019

Myanmar continues to represent a Southeast Asian country less encroached upon by tourism development, and having relatively intact cultural heritage. As Myanmar travel and tours expand, however, so too does travelers’ responsibility to approach cross-cultural interchange in a mindful way. Familiarizing oneself with cultural norms and observing them when visiting is not only critical for ensuring the best trip possible, but fundamental to showing respect for this country and its people and for supporting the best future for both.

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Myanmar Tours with Warm Culture and Untouched Landscapes

May 04,2018
Asia is an incredibly diverse continent with fascinating histories, mouthwatering cuisine, and picturesque landscapes. Myanmar is the perfect destination to experience all these factors and explore an unforgettable country still rather untouched by more modern western influences. 
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Lahpet Thoke: Burmese Green Tea Salad

July 06,2016

Arriving in the sweltering heat of Yangon’s airport to be greeted by a Longi clad wearing driver is stepping back in time 50 years into a part of Asia that has seen little influence from the outside world. Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, shows crumbling signs of the British rule in the architecture and infrastructure mixed with pagodas and stupas peppered throughout the city. The Burmese culture is warm and inviting and the cuisine is a unique blend of textures, flavors and spices. One of the most unique staples in Burmese cuisine is Lahpet Thoke, fermented tea leaf salad with roasted peanuts, crispy beans, crunchy sesame seeds and aromatic fried garlic.

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Photo from Myanmar Local Tour in Bagan: Travel Gram of The Week

July 20,2015

Temples of Bagan

From time to time, our Instagram gets taken over by photos from our good friend Richard. Many of you may have worked with Richard at some point during his time at Global Basecamps. When he recently decided to take time off to experience his own round-the-world adventure, we were torn between missing him greatly, and looking forward to all his great pictures and stories! He's been bouncing around from Thailand, to Vietnam, to Cambodia... and he recently arrived in Myanmar.

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National Geographic Traveler Recognizes Global Basecamps

April 09,2015


...again! For the second time in as many years, National Geographic Traveler Magazine has honored Global Basecamps by naming our tour as one of their "50 Tours of A Lifetime" for 2015.

The tour in question is our "Myanmar & Southern China: Places Unexplored." We're so proud!

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