How Do I Beat Post Travel Depression?

June 26,2019

We’d planned for it, dreamt about it, gotten psyched about it … maybe for years.
We saw the landscapes and animals, and ticked experiences off our bucket list …
We met the locals, ate the food, toured the temples …

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What Are Some Ways I Can Travel More Sustainably?

May 28,2019

Many of us who value having a positive impact on the destinations we visit while traveling will likely agree: we hold a concern for sustainability just as close to our heart as our love for adventure! Protecting the environment, respecting others’ cultures, and contributing to the local economy is important while traveling, and are values of ours here at Global Basecamps. We want to help empower our clients take on these priorities as well, so check out these tips on how to travel more sustainably!

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What Are The Best Accessories and Gadgets For International Travel?

April 05,2019

Having the right gear when traveling can make for less tedious routine tasks (like clearing customs), better adventures (like treks and safaris!), and a better trip overall. Making sure you have the accessories and gadgets needed to keep the show on the road is the way to go, so read on for ten of our recommendations!

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How Can I Travel in Comfort on My Flight?

March 27,2019

Flying in comfort, especially on long flights, can be a challenge as you head off on your dream trip. But fear not … Global Basecamps is here to help! Read on for travel tips about how to manage your carryon luggage, your mind and your body to experience as much comfort as possible on long flights.

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What Are the Ten Essential Systems of Gear for Travel?

January 31,2019

Want to be ready for anything when you’re traveling, no matter what kind of trip you’re on? The best thing you can bring with you is a good head on your shoulders, full of all your previous experience and a mind full of confidence and excitement of all you’ll be seeing and doing … but the next best? The right travel gear.

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