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Five Reasons to Visit Namibia During Green Season

Home to some of the world’s most exceptional natural attractions like the Namib and Damarland Deserts, Etosha National Park, and the elusive Skeleton Coast, Namibia earns a well-deserved spot on many bucket lists. While travelers familiar with the Africa often aim to visit during the dry season  ( April-October) for desert wildlife viewing, the Green Season ( January-March ) actually provides an ideal set of conditions for a Namibian holiday.

Here are five reasons why you should book your Namibia tour during the Green Season:

1. Escape the Frigid Northern Hemisphere Winter

Located in Southern Africa, Namibia experiences it's summer while those of us in places like North America and Europe face dreary winter days. Escape grey skies for guaranteed sunshine on a trip to Namibia during Green Season. It's the perfect place to rest and recover after a hectic ( and most likely frigid ) holiday season.

2.  Avoid the Crowds

While crowded is a relative term in Namibia ( it ranks as the second least densely populated country in the world!), traveling during the Green Season assures your wildlife viewing won’t be spoiled by other vehicles and tourists. Plus, getting away from the mad dash of tourism that floods in from Mid-April through October, often leaves you with a lodge all to yourself without paying private lodge prices! For photographers in particular, this is an ideal time to visit for taking stunning landscape and wildlife photos without having to worry about cropping out fellow tourists from the background.

3. Witness Spectacular Afternoon Thunderstorms and Breath-in  Crisp, Dust-Free Air

While many of us have been conditioned to consider rain on a vacation as a negative, it is actually quite the opposite in Namibia. Namibians will come out just to watch the wondrous natural phenomenon of a dry valley transforming into a flowing river in under an hour! For those worried about spoiled activities and itineraries, never fear as these afternoon thunderstorms wrap up like clock-work after just an hour. Not to mention, these daily showers will leave the sky crystal clear and dust free producing dramatic sunsets and unmatched star-gazing. 

4. Experience the Season of Bounty When Nature is Bursting With Life

The Dry Season leads to the congregation of many animals around the watering holes, which makes for easy game viewing. However, the Green Season is actually a wonderful time to see mother nature at her peak. There are many baby animals during this time and larger congregations of animals ( like antelope and zebra) out in the plains. This is also an ideal time of year to visit for birding as many more interesting migratory species ( like colorful paradise birds) will be stopping through. 

5. Explore the Skeleton Coast without the Infamous Bad Weather

The Skeleton Coast is notorious for its dense fog and howling winds that have claimed many ships and souls at sea. However, for travelers hoping to enjoy a relaxing holiday, you most likely do not want to encounter this dreadful weather. Despite having more average rainfall, the Green Season is actually the most ideal time to visit the Skeleton Coast when the temperatures are warmer and there's no whipping wind to snatch your hats.

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Inspired to start planning your trip? One final ( and perhaps most persuasive) reason to visit during the Green Season is the prices! As January through March is technically the “off-season” you’ll find that price-points for custom tours are lower and the availability at lodges much more open. So if your looking to add in extra activities, or perhaps really set on staying at a particular lodge, Green Season is definitely the perfect time to book. It’s not too late to start booking for the New Year so get in touch with one of our travel specialists today to start planning your custom Namibia Tour.

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