Movies and Shows that Take us on a Tour of the World

March 30,2020

Last week, we released some of our top picks for books that inspire travel. And while we love burying our noses in the pages of a good book, we also love sinking into the couch and getting lost in a movie or show just as much. 

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Books that Inspire us to Travel

March 24,2020

Our team has rounded up some of our favorite books that have inspired us to travel. Check out part one of our list below and stay tuned for additional books, movies, podcasts, music and more to keep the travel bug in you fulfilled while we all stay safe at home.

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Coronavirus Updates

March 09,2020


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Looking Back at a Decade of Travel

December 31,2019


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Global Basecamps Sustainable Travel Gift Guide

December 18,2019

With the holiday and vacation season in full swing, we're sure you’ve already been contemplating what kind of products can not only make a great gift for a loved one (or even ourselves), but also which ones are great for travel and the environment, too! Part of working to live and travel more sustainably means making better choices about the things we buy, use in our daily lives, and take with us when we travel.

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