Travel Guide: Johannesburg, South Africa

April 24,2020

Ten years ago, we would often advise our clients to spend as little time as possible in Johannesburg during their South Africa tour. Clients would stay at an airport hotel for one night before moving on to a Kruger National Park safari or the scenic vistas of Cape Town. Some guests interested in history might spend a day visiting the Apartheid Museum or take a Soweto tour, but for the most part, the largest city in South Africa (and the second largest city in Africa), received a bad rap.

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The Benefits of Going on Safari During Green Season

April 16,2020

This Blog was written by one of our Africa travel specialists, Valentina Michaels, who in addition to many previous Africa experiences, visited Tanzania earlier this year during green season. You can learn more about Val and the rest of our team here.

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Five Reasons to Visit Namibia During Green Season

November 25,2019

Home to some of the world’s most exceptional natural attractions like the Namib and Damarland Deserts, Etosha National Park, and the elusive Skeleton Coast, Namibia earns a well-deserved spot on many bucket lists. While travelers familiar with the Africa often aim to visit during the dry season  ( April-October) for desert wildlife viewing, the Green Season ( January-March ) actually provides an ideal set of conditions for a Namibian holiday.

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What Are Five Top Things To Do In Zimbabwe?

August 12,2019

Zimbabwe may not be a top name in safaris like South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania, but trust us -  this not a bad thing! Fewer travelers, further flung landscapes and authentic experiences await travelers who would venture off the beaten path, to giving this country a try for a safari experience set apart from the rest. Read on as we set out to explore five top things to do in Zimbabwe!

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Join Our Kenya Game Count and Conservation Safari in 2020

July 09,2019

There’s no denying it: travel can be one of the most transformational things we can experience in life, and all the more so when we know we’re making a difference! Travel and giving back to nature can go hand in hand, especially when in the hands of both trusted operators and professional conservationists.

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