Do I Need A Travel Visa To Visit South Africa?

August 24,2015


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How Big Is Africa?

July 16,2015

Global Basecamps plans a ton of African safari tours. So every time a traveler tells us they have two weeks to see four different countries on the continent, we know we have some explaining to do. Regardless of travel experience, we find that even veteran travelers have a difficult time grasping exactly how big the continent of Africa actually is. There seems to be an assumption that Africa is roughly the size of the United States and Canada… This might be thanks to this:

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Five Reasons to Love South Africa Travel

May 07,2015

In our “Five Reasons” blog series, we’ll list reasons you should love South Africa. Chances are, if we love a destination, you will too. Let’s get to it.

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The Elephant Express: Travel Gram of The Week

April 20,2015

People loved this fun picture on Global Basecamps' Instagram this week. And we can't blame them! Any time our Travel Specialist Meagan has a glass of champagne in hand on the African savannah, good times are being had.

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How Tourism Helps Africa

April 16,2015

Maasai Herding Cattle

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