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On The Road Again: Travel Gram of The Week


by elias


Our once-Travel Specialist friend Richard continues his round the world adventure in this week's Travel Gram of The Week. After marinating in Hanoi coffee shops for a few days, Richard rented a motorbike to explore the Ha Giang region of northern Vietnam. This northern frontier region borders China, which unfortunately keeps many travelers away, but thankfully Richard has the heart of an explorer, and didn't hesitate to hit the road.

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Halong Bay: Travel Gram of The Week


by elias


Just a four hour drive from the northern city of Hanoi sits one of Asia's most beautiful landscapes. It almost doesn't make sense for a traveler to spend time in Hanoi, and not visit Halong Bay. That's why most of Global Basecamps' customized Vietnam itineraries include at least a one night stay on the bay.

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How We Travel: North to South in Vietnam


by ali

One of our own recently returned from a relaxing vacation in Vietnam. She was kind enough to share some of her pictures and experiences with us! This is How We Travel.

Vietnam was the first stop on a five-week trip for us, and it couldn’t have started better! Having never been on a Vietnam tour before, we wanted to explore some of the country’s highlights and cover the northern, central, and southern region of Vietnam.


First stop was Hanoi. After arriving late in the afternoon we explored the Old Quarter, stopping at a small food stall for some of the best pho we’ve ever had! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to eat street food in Vietnam. Often times the pho we had for about a $1 on the street was much better than what was available at restaurants.

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Expert Travel Tips: Vietnam


by ali

Vietnam is one of the countries we specialize in and have an abundance of first hand knowledge of. With seemingly limitless travel options including Halong Bay cruises, tribal village experiences in Sapa Valley, and beautiful beaches along the coast, Vietnam is the perfect destination for those looking to experience several aspects of a country in a limited amount of time. Here are a few Vietnam tips from our travel experts.

When is the best time to go to Vietnam?

Vietnam Travel

The weather is very different in the north, south, and central areas. The north and south have opposing monsoon seasons, making it difficult to coordinate your Vietnam travel with ideal weather conditions in all the different regions. However, this means there is never a bad time to visit Vietnam, as one region is always enjoying great weather.

The north is the coolest part of the country. Winter, lasting from November to January, can be cool, particularly in the mountain regions. Be prepared for cold temperatures if you are visiting Sapa. Hanoi, as well as the coastal regions including Halong Bay, experience humidity year round and a rainy season from May to October. The ideal time to visit the north is from November to April, though it can be quite cool in the height of winter. The central coast has warm weather from July to October and wet, cooler weather from November to May. Typhoons can hit the coast during the summer, from July to November. The south is hot and humid year round. Temperatures range from 70°F to 90°F and summers are very hot, humid, and rainy.

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Know Before You Go: Vietnam


by ali

With lush jungles, beautiful forests, limestone cliffs, and winding rivers, Vietnam is an ideal adventure travel destination. Visit the beautiful hills of Sapa Valley, discover laid back towns like Hoi An, or enjoy the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh. Depending on where you travel throughout Vietnam, customs and traditions may vary slightly. However, making an effort to demonstrate respect and knowledge of the culture will be appreciated everywhere. The etiquette and customs of Vietnam is a reflection of the unique culture and lifestyle of the country. The people are polite and friendly, and family is very important in Vietnamese culture. As an addition to our Know Before You Go series, here are a few Vietnam travel tips.

Vietnam Travel

The Family

Family is a very important aspect of life in Vietnam, the immediate and extended family. They live in large patriarchal joint families, and often times multiple generations live in the same house. The father is considered the head of the household and is responsible for much of the decision making. Children take care of their aging parents.

The most prominent religion in Vietnam is Buddhism, with Confucianism, Taoism, and Catholicism and also being popular. You will notice the philosophies of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism play a big part in the culture and every day lives. For example, Confucian beliefs emphasize respect for elders, and strongly influence family relationships in Vietnam.

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