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Galapagos Eco Lodge: Last Minute Holiday Availability


by elias

Galapagos Safari Camp TentEvery once in a while, a rare opportunity will present itself to visit a camp that would otherwise be unreachable. Last week, a cancellation at Galapagos Safari Camp created just that opportunity for you. Eight of their nine tents are available for reservation from December 20-24! The Galapagos Islands are an emerging popular destination for travelers during the holidays, and availability during that time is decidedly rare this close to December, so this is definitely reason to get excited!

You may remember that we’ve featured this particular camp before, as a green honeymoon destination. The Galapagos Safari Camp, located in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, is the first of its kind in many ways. The construction of the camp was inspired by the well-known African safari model, so its rooms are set under tents designed to blend into the environment. Both the camp’s central lodge and nine surrounding tents are open-air and offer views of the western islands of this volcanic archipelago.

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Ecuador Eco Tours


by ali

Bird Watching

Mainland Ecuador can often be quickly bypassed or rushed through in lieu of a Galapagos cruise. However, the mainland offers a diverse mix of sites and eco tours including the colonial capital of Quito, Mindo Cloud Forest, tropical rainforests, many national parks, and the colorful culture of Otavalo, among many other attractions. Below are a few popular destinations and Ecuador eco tours.


Quito is the second-highest capital in the world. The city is spread across an Andean valley and has an abundance of unique colonial buildings. Much of the UNESCO World Heritage listed site of centro histórico, or old town, has been restored, though it still reflects the indigenous culture and history of the region. A walk through old town will take you past picturesque plazas and cathedrals, with snow covered peaks in the background. A 20 minute from Quito’s old town, you’ll find Quito’s new town, full of trendy cafes, international restaurants, unique bars, and boutique hotels. Step just outside the city and you’ll find primary Andean forest. Hacienda Rumiloma is an excellent addition to any Ecuador travel itinerary. The hotel gives travelers a view of Quito not many get to see. The hacienda is located on about one hundred acres of primary Andean forest next to the Volcano Pichincha. The land behind the lodge has several trails, a small river, many grazing llamas, and native birds. Just minutes away from the capitol, Hacienda Rumiloma is an incredible accommodation option in Quito.

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Know Before You Go: Ecuador


by ali

Ecuador is one the most diverse countries in the world, with snow-capped volcanoes, tropical beaches, and lush jungles. The diverse topography allows travelers to easily venture to different climates within a matter of days. The largest ethnic group in Ecuador is the Andean Quechua, consisting of around 2 million people. The Quechua have preserved their culture, traditions, and language quite well. Distinguished by the Andean flute music, foods such as quinoa and cuy (guinea pig), beautiful wool ponchos, and colorful embroidered blouses, learning about the Quechua culture will no doubt be a highlight of your Ecuador tour.


The official language of Ecuador is Spanish, but Quechua is spoken by the indigenous population. In addition to Spanish, there are about 10 native languages spoken in Ecuador. Roman Catholic influences some social behavior in Ecuador; many holiday and festivals are at least partially based on Christian beliefs.

Meeting and Greeting

People will greet with a handshake and a smile. Try using the appropriate greeting for the time of day:

  • Buenos dias: Good morning
  • Buenas tardes: Good afternoon
  • Buenas noches: Good evening
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Top 5 Fall Travel Destinations


by ali


Mainland Ecuador is often just a stopping point before travelers embark on a Galápagos cruise. However, mainland Ecuador travel, with the colonial capital of Quito, lush cloud forest of Mindo, and tropical rain forests in the East should not be overlooked. October and November is typically the off season in Ecuador, meaning travelers can avoid the crowds and take advantage of reduced rates. Further, travelers can avoid the rainy season, which begins in December in most regions of the country.

Ecuador Cloud Forest
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Ecuador Travel: Galapagos Tours


by ali

A cruise around the Galapagos Islands is a great addition to any Ecuador travel itinerary. The Galapagos Islands offers travelers an unforgettable trip that can include snorkeling, diving, wildlife viewing, kayaking, land safaris and much more. The isolated Islands have many plant and animal species that you can’t see anywhere else in the world, making it a truly once in a lifetime experience. Global Basecamps works with the most ecologically friendly and sustainable small ships on the water. Our unique Galapagos tours feature a variety of cruising options, incredible multi-day walking safaris, and lodge-based island explorations.

Galapagos Tours

Galapagos Cruises

First class yachts accommodate no more than 20 people and have multiple decks, spacious rooms, a dining room, bars, and a conference area with flat screen TVs. Tourist class ships accommodate no more than 16 guests. Currently both cruise options can be for 3, 5, or 8 days. You will arrive at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal Island to be escorted to the boat. As the sun sets, the cruise begins. The cruises include all meals, non-alcoholic beverages and daily excursions. The itineraries focus on spending time on the islands and interacting with local wildlife.

In an effort to contribute to the conservation efforts of the islands, we have hand-picked every ship we work with in the Galapagos Islands based on their commitment to ecotourism, both during the cruise and on the islands, the expertise of the naturalists and guides, and the level of comfort of the ships. All the ships we work with are certified SmartVoyager ships and include the only hybrid vessel on the water. Additionally, all of our Galapagos cruises help support the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund, which advocates environmental education and marine conservation efforts by strengthening the local communities’ ability to manage natural resources.

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