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Five Reasons We Love South Africa


by elias

In our “Five Reasons” blog series, we’ll list reasons you should love South Africa. Chances are, if we love a destination, you will too. Let’s get to it.

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The Elephant Express: Travel Gram of The Week


by elias


People loved this fun picture on Global Basecamps' Instagram this week. And we can't blame them! Any time our Travel Specialist Meagan has a glass of champagne in hand on the African savannah, good times are being had.

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How Tourism Helps Africa


by elias

Maasai Herding Cattle

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The Great Wildebeest Migration: What It Is & How To See It


by elias

Wildebeest & CalfIf one were to look at a wildebeest by itself, one might not be completely impressed. They are less graceful cousins to the antelope, and kind of ugly. Maybe the best thing that can be said about the wildebeest is that it places a high value on family. So high, in fact, that the annual movement of one group of wildebeests in the Masai Mara has become one of the world’s most sought after natural spectacles.

This spectacle is known as the Great Wildebeest Migration, capital G, W, M.

Thousands of travelers every year come to eastern Africa simply because they want to see the Great Migration, and use companies like Global Basecamps to ensure they get the best views of its river crossings, courting, birthing and all the rest of the drama. Our Travel Specialists know exactly which safari camps can fit both your budget, and your wildlife viewing priorities. Even better, some semi-permanent camps migrate along with the wildebeests, maintaining their prime location for game viewing.

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Safaris: Wet Seasons vs Dry Seasons


by elias

It’s a topic of conversation for safari lovers. Safari destinations in Africa are vastly different during rainy seasons versus dry seasons. Let’s talk about how they’re different.

Before we begin though, we must point out that these general outlines may be bent from country to country. Southern Africa is cooler during its dry seasons, for example, than eastern Africa. To get a better understanding of each destination’s differences, please download our Guide to Picking the Perfect Safari Destination.

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