Traveling in 2023? You Need to Plan Now


Travel is back!

The pandemic is over. The pandemic is not over. You're likely to see both these contradictory statements in the news on any given day. But whether it is or it isn’t over, one thing is certain: people are traveling again.

The lockdown of 2020 and the continued period of uncertainty about what was safe and allowed in 2021 and early 2022 forced millions to cancel their travel plans. But now many are returning to travel with a vengeance, even in the face of continuing uncertainty because of Covid variants, the war in Ukraine, and other global problems. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism are expected to return to pre-pandemic highs by the end of 2023. And they are predicting that the sector will grow on average 5.8% annually until 2032, more than double the pace of the economy as a whole.

That means if you’re planning to travel in 2023/2024, it’s not too early to book your trip.

Especially for the destinations below, which are among the world’s most popular travel sites, advanced planning is a necessity. If any of these are on your “to visit” list for 2023 or 2024, now is the time to contact us and finalize your plan.


Is there anyone who doesn’t have a trip to Japan for cherry blossom season on their bucket list? This perennial favorite is expected to be even more popular than usual this year after a three-year absence during Japan’s long covid shutdown. The arrival of the sakura (cherry blossoms) varies from year to year, with the bloom in major cities, including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka lasting from late March into early April. To avoid disappointment, we recommend confirming your springtime (March-May) trip as soon as you are able. 

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This remote destination at the bottom of the planet has a very short window of good weather for hiking between November and March. Popular parks like Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile and Los Glaciares NP in Argentina have limited lodging options to accommodate the high demand, so booking far in advance is necessary if you want to visit the most famous areas of Patagonia during peak season. This region was also not open for tourism for nearly 2 years, so many folks have rebooked trips into 2024. Patagonia is a vast region, however, so for those who are flexible about dates (try shoulder seasons like October and April) or are open to less famous parks (such as those in the Aysen region of Chile), we can help arrange a more off-the-beaten-path trip.


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Machu Picchu is the most popular tourist destination in Peru and The Inca Trail the most popular hiking route to the ancient city. The site is so popular that since 2002 the Peruvian government has required tourist permits to hike the trail and limited the number of daily permits to 500, including 300 for guides, tour operators, and other support staff. So that cuts down the number of visitors to 200 per day. Permits for 2023 are already available and going fast. If you want to make sure you can hike the Inca Trail next year, lock down your permit as soon as possible.

The good news is that if you miss out on getting a permit for the Inca Trail, you can still visit Machu Picchu. There are several other astoundingly beautiful treks, which don’t extend into the Machu Picchu Sanctuary and require a bus and train ride to get there but also don’t require permits. On these trails, you will not encounter crowds and will be able to contemplate the otherworldly beauty of the site with fewer interruptions.

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African Safaris

If you want to go during peak or shoulder seasons, don’t delay. Peak safari season is June–September and there is already limited space for 2023 dates. Shoulder season—May and October—also books up early.

If you can’t go in peak or shoulder season, consider Green Season—from November to March—so-called because of the rains that turn the grasses, trees, and shrubs into emerald green lushness that is a photographer’s dream. Green Season also means fewer people, better rates, and excellent availability. Many animals give birth during this period so if you thrill to the notion of seeing baby zebras, elephants, and lions, Green Season is perfect. In Tanzania's Southern Serengeti, from mid-January to the end of March, the migratory herds of wildebeest and zebra congregate for the calving season. Some Africa aficionados actually prefer Green Season.

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Holiday Season 2023/2024

it is not too early to plan ahead for next year's holiday season. Many destinations are selling quickly. 

Last Minute Travel 2022

If you’re caught up short without reservations but still would like to travel during the 2022 holiday season, we can try to help. Many destinations are fully booked, but we do have some limited availability. As of this writing, we have limited space in  Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, and Indonesia. Contact us to secure a reservation but remember, we can't guarantee anything.


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