What Documents Does My Child Need to Travel to South Africa?

March 16,2016

View from Table Mountain, on Cape Town

South Africa requires relatively unique documentation from children traveling from other countries. Even when traveling with one or both parents, the requirements are different from anywhere in the world, so being aware ahead of time is absolutely necessary.

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Is It Safe To Drive In South Africa?

August 28,2015

Featherbed Nature Reserve, South Africa

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Do I Need To Take Medical Pre-Cautions Before Traveling to South Africa?

August 26,2015

Penguins On The Beach in South Africa

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Handsome Fellow In South Africa: Travel Gram of The Week

June 09,2015
Elephant In Kruger National Park
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The "Other" Bucket List

August 05,2014

Every country has must-see destinations or essential experiences. These five unforgettable experiences deserve to be listed right beside those, the only difference is that you'll probably be the only one of your friends who have gone there.

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