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The "Other" Bucket List


by sean

Every country has must-see destinations or essential experiences. These five unforgettable experiences deserve to be listed right beside those, the only difference is that you'll probably be the only one of your friends who have gone there.

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10 Myths About Hiking the Inca Trail


by elias

View of Machu Picchu

1. Hiking the Inca Trail is the only way to get to Machu Picchu.

Thousands of travelers visit Machu Picchu every day, and only a fraction of these visitors got there via the Inca Trail. After hiking for four days through sparsely populated mountains, many Inca Trail hikers are surprised to find a small but bustling modern town at the base of the mountain, complete with a crowded train station. The Peruvian train system is extensive, and has been shuttling travelers to the base of Machu Picchu mountain from the Sacred Valley for years.

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Packing for Treks: Peru


by rebecca

Machu PicchuRebecca is a Global Basecamps MVP traveler who has trekked all over the world and back again. Having gained knowledge and experience packing for her various treks, she was kind enough to offer her tips for future travelers! In our "Packing for Treks" series, Rebecca will give general tips, as well as destination-specific tips for Nepal, Tanzania and Peru!

Poles in Peru?

Whether you are hiking in the Andes, retracing the steps of the Incas, or exploring the depths of Colca Canyon, the common denominator, apart from the stunning scenery, is often the steep, slippery and treacherous terrain.

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Special Peru Rate Through December 20th


by elias

Machu Picchu

Eight Exciting Days in Peru: $1,387 per person

Peru is a special place, and we jump at any chance to lower prices on our trips there, if it means more people get to experience the Andes, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Amazon. Sometimes, the right pieces fall into place, and Global Basecamps can offer a really special deal. If you were dreaming of taking one last special trip in 2013, and were nervous that you may have waited too long to plan it, this may be the opportunity for you.


For travelers departing from Nov 1st to Dec 20th, 2013, we’d like to send you to Peru at an especially low rate of $1,387 per traveler staying in a twin room. Check out this itinerary:

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Best of Basecamps: Titilaka


by elias

Getting to Lake Titicaca

TitilakaYou get an idea of why Titilaka is so special as you land at nearby Juliaca airport. As excited as any traveler is to see stunning Lake Titicaca, the cities of neighboring Juliaca and lake-side Puno are… not a good introduction. There is poverty in Puno, there is an indigenous culture forgotten by modern civilization, there are incomplete brick buildings, there is a growing urban haze. And bad news for most travelers: most of the hotels on Lake Titicaca are within view of all of this.

But then your private driver keeps driving, and driving, and driving. Almost blissfully, the city gets left in the rear view mirror. City sounds and sights give way to family farms and the families that work them. Long views of the lake compliment the wide open sky that feels closer at this high elevation. And thirty minutes later, you arrive at your country estate.

Titilaka truly feels like your weekend home on the lake. Titilaka feels like it waits for you, like nothing happens when you’re not there, like somehow you’ve earned this level of service and comfort. Upon arrival, attendants host an almost ceremonial “welcome bonfire” on the shore, where a first sunset is enjoyed with tea and tapas. An attendant is available in your living room at all times. Chefs prepare world-class meals in your kitchen. Your guide knows your name and is ready to take you on any excursion around the lake. Titilaka, in some way, says “welcome home” every time you return, even if you were just gone for the morning.

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