Do Businesses In Japan Take Credit Cards? Are ATM's Available?

August 27,2015

Market in Kyoto, Japan

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Perfectly Timing Your Japan Trip

June 11,2015


Japanese Love Domestic Travel, Plan Accordingly

No one loves Japan more than the locals. While there are always nearly as many Japanese tourists checked into your hotel with you as there are foreign visitors, there are a few peak seasons of domestic travel in Japan you may want to plan your trip around. These are weeks where everyone in Japan seems to be on the road. Hotel rates are likely to spike during these times as well, so planning your trip around these dates will also save you money.

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Through A Prism: Three Reasons You Want To See Japan

March 18,2015

Floating Torrii Gate

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Our Five Favorite Hotels in Tokyo

March 13,2015

Tokyo is huge, and if you want a better idea of what it takes to travel in Japan’s mega-metropolis, please download our guide: Need To Know Tokyo. There’s a ton of information in there from when to go, to what to see, to where to eat.

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Best Times to Travel in Tokyo

September 24,2014

Asakusa District

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