What Are Five Top Things To Do In Zimbabwe?

August 12,2019

Zimbabwe may not be a top name in safaris like South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania, but trust us -  this not a bad thing! Fewer travelers, further flung landscapes and authentic experiences await travelers who would venture off the beaten path, to giving this country a try for a safari experience set apart from the rest. Read on as we set out to explore five top things to do in Zimbabwe!

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Country Spotlight: Ecuador

July 24,2019

Though sometimes overlooked in favor of other destinations in South America, Ecuador’s wonders await the thoughtful traveler! Geographical, biological and cultural diversity make Ecuador an outstanding choice for those seeking out an exceptional adventure that can encompass a tremendous variety of experiences, all in one intimately small and easily traveled country.

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Join Our Kenya Game Count and Conservation Safari in 2020

July 09,2019

There’s no denying it: travel can be one of the most transformational things we can experience in life, and all the more so when we know we’re making a difference! Travel and giving back to nature can go hand in hand, especially when in the hands of both trusted operators and professional conservationists.

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How Do I Beat Post Travel Depression?

June 26,2019

We’d planned for it, dreamt about it, gotten psyched about it … maybe for years.
We saw the landscapes and animals, and ticked experiences off our bucket list …
We met the locals, ate the food, toured the temples …

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Upcoming Zimbabwe Conservation & Cultural Group Safaris

June 06,2019

When it comes to tracking down some of the most unique and meaningful safaris Africa has to offer, Zimbabwe is a standout. Sustainable tourism takes on many forms, but not every destination offers the kind of education, activities and adventure that Global Basecamps and our partners in Zimbabwe do! Through learning, service and unique ways of experiencing this marvelous country, our Zimbabwe safaris are an opportunity to make a difference while having an experience you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. We’re excited to invite you on our Conservation & Cultural Group Safari this upcoming late October - early November 2019, along with another departure in 2020!

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