Looking Back at a Decade of Travel

December 31,2019


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Global Basecamps Sustainable Travel Gift Guide

December 18,2019

With the holiday and vacation season in full swing, we're sure you’ve already been contemplating what kind of products can not only make a great gift for a loved one (or even ourselves), but also which ones are great for travel and the environment, too! Part of working to live and travel more sustainably means making better choices about the things we buy, use in our daily lives, and take with us when we travel.

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Ryokan: A Traditional Japanese Experience

December 10,2019

This May, Global Basecamps will launch our first ever Global Basecamp’s led Group Tour to the Japanese island of Kyushu. Our Senior Japan Travel Specialists, Laura Hagler, will lead travelers on off-the-beaten path excursions and help them delve deeper into often overlooked aspects of Japanese daily life and history. In addition to staying at two stunning hotels, travelers will also lodge at a variety of  traditional Japanese housing accommodations throughout this unique 7-day tour.

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The Galapagos Islands: Impactful Ecotourism & Glamping with Giant Tortoises

December 05,2019

The Galapagos Islands are a prime example of how ecotourism can be used as a tool for conservation. As one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world, this archipelago boasts over 76 species of native and endemic animals.  While sea-based tours have traditionally been the primary method to explore the islands, in recent years the development of new lodges, hotels, and safari camps has led to a rise in land-based tours.

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Five Reasons to Visit Namibia During Green Season

November 25,2019

Home to some of the world’s most exceptional natural attractions like the Namib and Damarland Deserts, Etosha National Park, and the elusive Skeleton Coast, Namibia earns a well-deserved spot on many bucket lists. While travelers familiar with the Africa often aim to visit during the dry season  ( April-October) for desert wildlife viewing, the Green Season ( January-March ) actually provides an ideal set of conditions for a Namibian holiday.

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