What Should I Pack For My African Safari?

October 26,2018

There’s no doubt about it – one of the top dream travel experiences for people around the world is going on an African safari. Global Basecamps make this dream come true for many clients every year, and client testimonials confirm that the days on the savannahs are often the most memorable of our travelers’ lives! Being well prepared with the right general safari packing list, as well as the “must have” top items, is critical in helping things go as smoothly as possible. Packing for a Patagonia trek versus for Bali’s islands is going to need for different gear, so let’s get started with what packing for a safari will be calling for.

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What Are Some of the Phuket Region's Top Attractions and Hidden Gems?

October 19,2018
Do any research on Thailand at all, and you’ll realize that it is as diverse as countries come. Geographically, it features thousands of miles of coastline and rugged mountains. Population-wise, it includes numerous people groups and ways of life: hip Thai urbanites frequent the cafes and tech companies of the megacity of Bangkok and the UNESCO Creative City of Chiang Mai, while indigenous hill peoples of the far northern Golden Triangle have semi-nomadic lives that span borders with Myanmar and Laos. And in regard to travelers, the rarely visited far reaches of forest- and wildlife-rich Nan Province contrast with the hippie hangouts of Pai and beach resorts of Phuket. But hold on a minute … Phuket?
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The Indigenous Peoples of Kenya

October 12,2018

Kenya is a land of vast diversity: in landscapes, in biodiversity, and in people. With a population of nearly 50 million, all three major people groups of the African continent (Cushite, Nilotic, and Bantu) are represented in this country, rich in culture. A high percentage of Kenya’s citizen’s are able to be classified as “indigenous”, meaning they are the original inhabitants of a given region for an extended period of time that precedes the modern arrival of outside colonial population. Travelers in Kenya will have the opportunity to offer their respect and curiosity to these special minority groups, and learn from their traditional wisdom. 

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What's The Best Way to Pack for Travel?

October 05,2018

At Global Basecamps, we make adventure easy as our expert travel specialists assure that planning your trip is a breeze. And as for the also challenging process of packing your bags? We’re here to help you with that, too! Getting the most out of every liter of your bags can be a fun challenge - here are some helpful packing tips that will make the most out of your bag!

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What Are 5 Top Things To Do In South Africa?

September 28,2018

Wherever our travels take us, there are sights and activities that are simply not to be missed. Top experiences are renowned for a reason: they just can’t be found anywhere else! South Africa is a country of a dramatic past, amazing scenery and striking people and wildlife, and there are a handful of mentions that stand out from the rest. Scope out our list of five top things do in South Africa that are part of Global Basecamps’ itineraries, and also are activities you can check out yourself once your tour or safari come to an end.

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