Myanmar & Southern China: Places Unexplored

October 16,2019

Southeast Asia has long been a sought after region for adventurous travelers seeking fascinating cultures far removed from those of the day-to-day Western way of life. While there are plenty of reasons to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam -admirable and friendly people, dazzling islands, sumptuous cuisine - there is more to this region than just these destinations! To the west and north of these better worn travel paths lie Myanmar and Southern China, just waiting to share their beauty and wonder.

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How Can I Learn More About Mountain Trekking?

October 02,2019

Mountain trekking brings with it nearly every thrill and delight that adventure travel can offer: exhilarating interactions with nature, honored visits to the homelands of traditional peoples, meeting other adventurers from every corner of the planet. Treks almost without exception max out the adventure meter, and Global Basecamps is thrilled to offer trail journeys at the best trekking destinations in the world!

However, all the highlights accounted for, mountain trekking is serious business. Many of us live the kind of active lifestyle that keeps us in pretty good shape, and also have some outdoor experience that has readied us for the kind of adventure that trekking offers. Others of us might appreciate a helping hand in learning about what mountain trekking is, how to prep for it, where some of the best destinations are, and so on. If this is the case, you’re in the right place - check out our Mountain Trekking (Intro) Guide!

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Travel's Role in Taking Charge of Our Planet's Future

September 26,2019

Last Friday, millions of people across the globe skipped school, walked out of offices and banded together to protest climate change. Demonstrators in what was collectively called the Global Climate Strike demanded an “end to the age of fossil fuels.''

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How Can Travel Support Global Emergencies

September 12,2019

Travel changes lives and raises consciousness … this is for certain. Things you’ll commonly hear from people recently back from international travel will not only describe how good a time they had, but also how fulfilling and educational their time was. Those who travel with a sustainable tourism operator will not only have the time of their life, but also know they gave back to the local communities they visited AND learned a ton about the world around them as they did!

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What Do Trees Have To Do With Travel?

August 20,2019

No two ways about it - those of us who love to travel are almost always equally passionate about sustainability! A huge part of making our travel more sustainable includes not just visiting with beautiful cultures, touring majestic natural areas, and seeing exotic wildlife, but also doing our part to leave a smaller travel footprint. 

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