National Geographic Traveler Recognizes Global Basecamps

April 9, 2015 elias

Category China, Myanmar


...again! For the second time in as many years, National Geographic Traveler Magazine has honored Global Basecamps by naming our tour as one of their "50 Tours of A Lifetime" for 2015.

The tour in question is our "Myanmar & Southern China: Places Unexplored." We're so proud!

There will never be a better time to see Myanmar; in five years, it will be transformed through the tourism boom it is experiencing today. With that in mind, this itinerary takes you through Myanmar's highlights, as well as places seldom-seen by western tourists. To continue this theme, we then visit China, specifically traveling to places untrodden by thousands of tourists, to connect with a side of China less influenced by western culture, and more authentic to China.

With a big thank you to National Geographic Traveler Magazine, we will start looking forward to next year! We're going for the hat trick!

Tags: China, Myanmar