Monks in Phrae: Travel Gram of The Week

March 30, 2015 elias

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Monks in Phrae
Our long time co-worker and Travel Specialist Richard recently departed on a Round The World Adventure. The office feels a little emptier (and quieter?) without him, and we can't wait to have him back. In the mean time, he's supplying us with an endless stream of travel pictures from this sojourn in Phrae, Thailand, as well as his continued journeys through Southeast Asia. You can expect Global Basecamps' Instagram feed to be populated with Richard's travels for the foreseeable future.

Free Guide: Thailand Beaches Phrae is a small but important community in northern Thailand, near Chiang Mai. Many who travel through Thailand don't have time to venture out into the smaller towns, and Phrae definitely falls into that category. Backpackers who are on the road for months do make a stop in Phrae, however, and with good reason. The surrounding nature is some of the most beautiful in Thailand, with waterfalls and dense forest. And the temples and buildings in Phrae itself are charming, old and distinctly Thai.

At Global Basecamps, our goal is to compress the backpacking travel experience into as much time as you have for your vacation. We know it's tough to get one or two weeks off from work, and our priority is that you get to have, not just a taste of Richard's adventure, but a full meal of it within that alotted time. Our Thailand tours can offer either a tour of the highlights, or an off the beaten path adventure, customized to your priorities. Ask your Travel Specialist, or submit a travel request form, to get a few samples, and really see what we're talking about.
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