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Is It Safe to Tour Thailand?

December 16, 2015 elias

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Millions of travelers, from backpackers, to honeymooners, to families, take Thailand tours every year. Thailand is one of Asia's most popular tourism destinations over the last thirty years. Tourism has become an integral part of Thailand's economy and lifestyle.

Even so, many westerners still feel cautious when considering travel in Thailand.

This is the correct attitude to take when traveling anywhere! Caution is not un-warranted, and is in fact encouraged when traveling to any foreign country. The same dangers that exist in any urban area in the United States exist in urban areas around the world. This should not dissuade anyone from ever traveling anywhere.

Some specific concerns brought up by our travelers refer back to the political instability experienced by Thailand's government in 2014. Our news in the United States reported demonstrations in Bangkok, and an imposed curfew on the whole city.

Even in this hectic time last year, tourism remained largely unaffected. As we've already mentioned, international travelers, and their safety, are of upmost importance to Thailand's economy. Thailand realizes this, and will do everything it can to protect international travelers in Bangkok and beyond. The protest demonstrations in 2014 were limited to the area around government buildings and university in Bangkok. This was not by accident, as even protestors recognized the importance of staying outside the tourist track in the city.

To conclude, we always emphasize the importance of safety to our travelers. Remaining alert to one's surroundings, especially in big cities, is an important part of being a responsible traveler. There are even cities around the world we would recommend you not visit for security reasons. We currently include no Thai cities on that list.

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