Handsome Elephant In South Africa: Travel Gram of The Week

June 9, 2015 elias

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Elephant In Kruger National Park

Instagramers liked this post from last week. We can always rely on a great photograph of a beautiful animal like the elephant. Kruger National Park in beautiful South Africa needs no introduction. It is one of the world's greatest national parks, thanks in large part to the diversity and density of Africa's epic safari animals. The show never ends here, from killings, to births, and everything in between. The Park is home to hundreds of herds of elephants, and their neighbors/co-stars.

South Africa doesn't stop there, of course. One need only look at our South Africa tours to see that the adventure continues outside the safari. But for many, it's Kruger National Park that attracts people to the southern tip of this most fascinating continent.

Of course, we must mention that the safety of these animals is the most important factor to the continued sustainability of tourism in all of Africa, not to mention their survival. Global Basecamps is proud to work with safari camps, lodges, and guides, that name animal safety as their highest priority. Work like their's must continue if the travel party is to survive into the next generation.

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