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Guide Spotlight: Eka - Indonesia

June 8, 2020 Global Basecamps

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A huge component of the Global Basecamp experience is the incredible guides and partners we work with. We’ll be highlighting some of these extraordinary guides and  giving a our community a glimpse into everything from their favorite memory on the job to why they first wanted to become a guide. We hope these spotlight interviews will help give insight into their contribution to the GB experience as well emphasize how travel can be used as a vehicle for cross-cultural connection and learning. 

Read on to learn more about ibu Eka , one of our awesome guides in Indonesia .

A little About Eka:

You can call me Eka. I'm a 37-year-old happy mom for a beautiful daughter. I am a woman who is passionate about history, culture and travel. This is why I like working with people in tourism so much and showing them my country.

Where Are You From?

I live in the Yogykarta area [ on the Indonesian island of Java].

What made you decide to become a guide? Is the job what you expected it to be?

I wanted to become a guide since I attended high school, as such I chose a vocational high school of tourism. After graduating from high school, I continued to study English literature and culture. That decision made me have stronger intentions to bring to reality my passion of working as a guide. After my studies I finally became a guide and I haven’t regretted it even since!

Tell us a crazy or wild story you’ve had while on the job...

During a city tour in the afternoon with guests, we took a horse cart around the city of Yogyakarta. One of the tourists was a bit too excited and wanted to take a picture with the horse, but this horse was startled and suddenly the horse bit the arm of the tourists!! Luckily it all ended ok.

What is your favorite local restaurant or spot to get street food? Favorite thing on the menu ( or perhaps off-menu)?

My Favorite spot to go is definitely the street food in Yogyakarta. The best way to do this is the area all the way from the Tugu Monument, until Kraton and passing through the famous Malioboro Street. Favorite thing must be the famous “kopi joss”: coffee with a brick of burning hot charcoal. This gives a great smokey taste!

What is one thing about the country you work in that you think surprises travelers or that you hope to shed more light on? 

Many of them said that Indonesia is an Improbable Nation where the people keep on smiling In any circumstances. Even now during the Covid-19 crisis. 


Stay tuned for more Guide Spotlight interviews. In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about our Indonesia Tours on our site. 

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