Travel is the Best Teacher - The Goodwin Project

October 12, 2011 Allison Tucker

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Meet the Goodwins: Aamion, Daize, and their two children, Given and True. With the philosophy that travel is the best teacher, they have set off an incredible journey around the world. Intent on showing their children the natural beauty of life, this young family left their home on Kauai to travel the world for 11 months, exploring 18 countries. Follow their story and encounters as they circumnavigate the planet, surfing along the way in places like Japan, Israel, and Fiji.

The Goodwin Project from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

With a small film crew the Goodwins will document their adventure and lessons learned along the way. They departed about 2 months ago, and since the story is still unfolding the film remains unnamed, being called The Goodwin Project for now.

Aamion’s father showed him many parts of the world at a young age. Before he could talk, he was bare handing prawns from a clear creek in Namuamua Village, Fiji. Their vagabond life style took Aamion to New Zealand, Kauai, and Fiji. Aamion’s wife Daize is an icon in women’s surfing, and a 2 time long boarding world champion. Aamion, also renowned in the surfing world, strives to teach his children how to live off the land and share with them his unique view of the world.

If you have visited, or dream of visiting, one of the Goodwin’s destinations, give them your input! Live vicariously through their adventures and share your travel tips, thoughts, and opinions to help shape their journey by making suggestions here.

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