Movies and Shows that Take us on a Tour of the World

Last week, we released some of our top picks for books that inspire travel. And while we love burying our noses in the pages of a good book, we also love sinking into the couch and getting lost in a movie or show just as much. 

Read on for some of our favorite movies and shows that’ll take you on an exploration of our world. Whether you want to escape for just an hour into an intriguing documentary or binge watch an entire season of Planet Earth, we hope these recommendations will help keep you entertained.


1. Dark Tourist - ( Stream on Netflix)

Visiting places historically associated with death and tragedy isn’t every traveler’s cup of tea but an intriguing pastime nonetheless. Join journalist David Farrier as he travels the world and dives into this subset of journalism from meeting vampires in the streets of New Orleans to exploring a radiation tinged Fukushima. We particularly like episode  6 on Southeast Asia where Farrier traverses through Myanmar with one guide that happens to be a partner and friend of Global Basecamps! And if you are interested in becoming a “dark tourist” yourself, what better way to test the waters ...and perhaps your nerves… from the safety of your home. If you’ve got what it takes our travel specialists can help you plan a trip chock full of mummies, sacrifice sites and more Dark Tourist  worthy activities.


2. Street Food- ( Stream on Netflix)

One of the best ways to experience a country and culture is through its food. And while five-star restaurants may hold more official accolades, sometimes some of the most incredible meals are found on the street.  Why not get a taste ( pun intended) of what you can expect through this docu-series which is dedicated to delving into some of the best street food in the world. Each of its nine episodes explores a different city in Asia combining interviews with archival footage to paint a picture of just how entwined food is to a country’s culture and history.


3. Roma- ( Stream on Netflix)

Directed by Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón, Roma takes place in  Mexico City in early 19070’s, set specifically in the neighborhood for which the film is named. This drama follows the life of Cleo, an indigenous live-in maid who works for a middle class family in Roma. Cuarón draws on his own childhood to create a deeply emotional depiction of domestic tensions and social hierarchies in 19070’s Mexico.


4. Planet Earth - ( Stream on Netflix)

Many of us are familiar with this gem but even if you’ve made it through every episode, might we suggest you watch them one more time? It seems each time we watch this documentary masterpiece, a new tidpit about our incredible planet sticks out. If you haven’t come across Planet Earth before then the easiest way to summarize is this: stunning cinematic shots of our planet’s various landscapes , gripping and emotional wildlife storylines and  David Attenborough’s soothing british voice to narrate and educate you along the way. Even if biology wasn’t your jam back in grade school, we promise Planet Earth won’t disappoint.


5. Out of Africa - ( Rent from Amazon Prime Video)

This classic drama directed by Sydney Pollack is loosely based on the 1937 autobiography of the same name. Set in 20th century colonial Kenya, the film follows the life of Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep), a Danish aristocrat who moves to Africa to start a coffee plantation with her husband. Largely a forbidden love story, Blixen begins an affair with a big-game hunter ( Redford). However, beyond the drama this film provides insight into Kenya’s history ( when it was still known British East Africa) along with a plethora of sweeping landscape shots of this now popular safari destination.


6. Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan - ( Rent from Amazon Prime Video)

This historical epic follows the early life of Genghis Khan. It dives into his dramatic childhood giving some insight ( even if slanted by Hollywood) into who this legendary conqueror was before he became the man history books depict. Much of the movie was filmed in modern day Inner Mongolia giving viewers a glimpse into this autonomous region in addition to some historical context.


More Notable Recommendations:

For Blockbuster Fans:

Indiana Jones

Murder Mystery Movie

Crazy Rich Asians


For the Kiddos:

Spirited Away

Lion King


For Foodies:

Chef’s Table

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown


For Nature Lovers: 

Blue Planet 

Our Planet


Historical Dramas:



Didn't see one of your favorites on the list? Comment it below! We'd love to hear whats in your watchlist que.

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