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Anil of FoXnoMad.comIf you empathize at all with my new must-get-to-Turkey-now plan, you’ll have no problem understanding what drew me to Anil of (He’s traveled there extensively). Even if you aren’t, the fact that he is sponsoring a contest that could get you 6 nights stay and airfare to almost anywhere of your choosing, is enough reason to read on. Beyond that, Anil earns the proud distinction of “Best in Travel Blogs” because he’s serious about blogging and it shows. Not to mention, that fact that he is a formally educated anthropologist and self proclaimed former computer hacker (the good kind) gives a nifty twist to his travel insights.

Global Basecamps: When and how did you get hooked on travel?

FoXnoMad: I’ve been traveling my entire life and suppose my curiosity to do so is strongly influenced by my parents, both of whom are journalists.

Global Basecamps: You are running an amazing “Live the Backpacker Life” contest. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

FoXnoMad: I want to give the opportunity for one of my readers to take a backpacking trip to most anywhere they want in the world. It’s a bit of a role-reversal. [Before October 5th] create a 3-5 minute travel video guide about a specific aspect of a given city and be the one traveling.

Global Basecamps: I loved your post on “Compelling Reasons Americans Shouldn’t Make Their First International Trip to Europe.” You did indeed come up with some compelling reason, care to share some of them with us?

FoXnoMad: For one it’s expensive but also it’s relatively similar to the US and can give many first-time travelers the sense that much of the world resembles back home. That said, international travel anywhere, including Europe, can be an enlightening experience and one that cannot be recreated at domestically; no matter where the first trip happens to be.

Global Basecamps: You’ve traveled extensively in Turkey. What are the off-the-beaten-path things we shouldn’t miss in that part of the world?

Ankara, TurkeyFoXnoMad: Go east! Cities like Trabzon, Van, and Gaziantep are almost always overlooked by tourists coming to Turkey. Aside from varied histories and cultures, they each have wonderful local cuisines.

Global Basecamps: Have you had any experience with sustainable travel?

FoXnoMad: I haven’t personally but it’s an interesting trend. The unfortunate thing is that many companies claim to be eco-friendly but aren’t and it’s tough for consumers to recognize the differences. I hope that ultimately all travelers consider the environmental impact of their actions both at home and whilst traveling.

Global Basecamps: Out of all the places you’ve traveled, which destination do you think is the most overlooked or underrated?

FoXnoMad: I’m not sure about places (although there are many that get a bad rap) but simple experiences in different places are often underrated. Shopping in a local grocery store, walking through a small town, and eating street food are some that come to mind.

Global Basecamps: What’s your favorite travel gadget?

FoXnoMad: Lately it’s been my e-Reader the Nook.

Global Basecamps: Which country has the best street food or most memorable meal?

FoXnoMad: Tough one! One of my most recent favorite foods is from Chile, a bean dish called "porotos granados". It's a wonderful (vegetarian) blend of cranberry beans, squash, onions, some spices and a few other ingredients I am no doubt forgetting. Another new taste that recently made it on my list of personal favorites is Ecuadorian ceviche. That's raw fish or shrimp marinated in citrus juice; throw in some plantain chips on the side and it makes for a refreshing afternoon meal.

Global Basecamps: You are living the full-time travel blogger dream. What advice to you for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

La Basilica Church, Quito, EcuadorFoXnoMad: Work hard, read everything you can about travel blogging, and come up with a strategy to turn your desire into a reality. It takes a long time (for me nearly 4 years) to make it possible and it typically means more work (not less) in the long run. If you want to make money blogging so you don’t have to work anymore you’ve got things backwards.

A very good resource and place to begin is Nomadic Matt’s ebook, How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog.

Global Basecamps: What's your number one travel tip?

FoXnoMad: If I had to narrow it down to one thing I'd say don't worry about the little things.

Global Basecamps: We couldn’t agree more! What else would you like the online travel community to know about you?

FoXnoMad: I can't think of anything but if anyone has any questions I'm always available! Contact Anil of

To get better acquainted with Anil of FoXnoMad, follow him on Twitter and visit his other sites: How to Travel with Pets, Travel Blog Advice, and Tech Guide for Travel.Start Planning

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