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February 4, 2015 elias

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All You Need Is Ecuador


This past Sunday, Ecuador became the first foreign country to buy ad-time during the Super Bowl. You may not have seen it. The commercial was shown on a regional basis limited to major cities, and even then, it cost the government of Ecuador a reported $3.8 million. For a country that spent a total of $5 million on media in 2013 however, this commercial represents the core of Ecuador's goal: Get Americans to travel to Ecuador.

Global Basecamps loves it. From their beautiful website, to their unparalleled efforts to work with American travel companies, no other country puts as much effort into attracting American travelers to their islands, mountains and rainforests. In many ways, it feels like Global Basecamps has the support of an entire country in its marketing efforts.

This is a huge story in the travel industry, so we thought you might appreciate some insight into what gets travel agents excited. And because we appreciate Ecuador, we're going to take some time to talk about why we love it so much.

Why We Love Ecuador So Muchecuador-quito-adventure-highlights-ecuador-13481-1

South America has so many options for adventure-seekers, food lovers and backpackers. So when a small country like Ecuador is compared to tourism powerhouses like Brazil, Argentina or Peru, many of our travelers tend to pass it over. At a glance, it may even feel like Ecuador was designed, from the ground up, to be an outdoor lover's playground.

Why should you travel to Ecuador? The Super Bowl commercial summed it up pretty nicely:

  • Like Nowhere Else: The Galapagos Islands are why most people travel to Ecuador. The archipelago is known as one of the most different, remote places on earth. And the theme continues on the mainland. One can take a week-long train journey into the Andean mountains, trek across volcanoes, live with Amazonian tribes and learn to hunt with them, and kayak through Galapagueno ocean mangroves, and still not see all there is to see here.
  • All In One Place: "But Global Basecamps," you might say, "with all these different regions to explore, Ecuador must be huge! I probably need to spend months here to see all there is to see!" The great thing about Ecuador, and what makes it such a fun place to plan a trip in, is that it's all in a conveniently small package! The whole country's about the size of Montana.
  • So Close: Ecuador is not far. Flights from Miami are about 4.5 hours direct. The world is getting smaller every year, and Ecuador is more a neighbor than ever before.

We know you're planning a trip somewhere in the world, and we would love if you considered our Ecuador tours for you and your family.


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