Top 5 Fall Travel Destinations

September 21,2011


Mainland Ecuador is often just a stopping point before travelers embark on a Galápagos cruise. However, mainland Ecuador travel, with the colonial capital of Quito, lush cloud forest of Mindo, and tropical rain forests in the East should not be overlooked. October and November is typically the off season in Ecuador, meaning travelers can avoid the crowds and take advantage of reduced rates. Further, travelers can avoid the rainy season, which begins in December in most regions of the country.

Ecuador Cloud Forest
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Know Before You Go: Egypt

July 06,2011

Egypt tourism has experienced a major lull in the recent months following the country’s turmoil. However, as we recently wrote about on our blog, Egypt is Back and Even Better. Now is a great time to visit the unique country. As mentioned in our previous Know Before You Go blogs, researching cultural norms and practices of your host country is an essential part of trip planning. Whether you are already planning your Egypt custom tour or just hoping to someday visit the Pyramids of Giza here are a few tips for being culturally responsible in Egypt.


Egyptian Society and Culture

Muslim is the dominant religion in Egypt and it plays a major role in the society’s values and practices. Muslims pray five times a day, at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. Also, Friday is the Muslim holy day, and therefore everything is closed. In contemporary Egypt the two-day weekend is often Friday and Saturday. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and work shorter days. During Ramadan, each night at sunset, family and friends celebrate the breaking of the fast. The family is of major importance in Egyptian society, and the individual is usually considered subordinate to the family or group. Younger generations are expected to show respect to their seniors, they will not raise their voice to elders and should not remain seated while an older person is standing. Additionally, an individual’s honor and esteem is directly tied to the reputation of the family.

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