What Kinds of Trips Does Global Basecamps Offer?

August 09,2018

Global Basecamps, we are here to connect you to the most authentic sustainable travel experiences the world has to offer. We know that travel has the power to inspire, educate and transform, and that there are many reasons and occasions that guide where and why we travel. By sharing destination and sample itineraries - including activities, points of interest and special occasions that might be inspiring you to travel - we help you get started on your journey towards a trip of a lifetime. Read on to learn more about what kinds of travel experiences Global Basecamps has to offer!

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How Do I Prepare For a Mountain Trek?

July 26,2018

We put our all into planning the trekking trips we offer, but there is much preparation needed on your end as well! The summits and trails, archaeological sites and mountain peoples in Asia (Nepal), Africa (Kilimanjaro) and Latin America (Peru, Argentina and Brazil), beckon you to visit. While your guides will provide the meals and local knowledge needed to navigate your trekking route safely, your responsibility is to be properly prepared when you arrive in country in terms of mental and physical conditioning, knowledge of what to expect while trekking, and in terms of gear.

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The Birds of the Ecuadorian Amazon

July 20,2018

Connecting with nature can be a big part of our international trip, and as the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon offers an unparalleled setting of adventure and biodiversity. Covering much of Brazil and extending into nine countries across South America, Amazonia draws visitors from all over the world seeking unique experiences of its cultures and ecosystems. New wildlife continues to be discovered, adding to the over 40,000 plant species, 427 mammals, close to 800 reptiles and amphibians, and many more.

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Do I Need A Travel Visa For The Country I'm Visiting?

July 12,2018
It’s good to be in the know when it comes to travel visas if you want to travel the world. If we plan to travel, especially as a United States citizen and to destinations outside of the EU (many of these countries do not require a travel visa for stays under 90 days), the majority of the time we will need a travel visa. A visa is an endorsement in one’s passport that allows the traveler to stay in a country or other territory for a specified duration of time. There are many types and lengths of travel visas, and there are several factors involved in getting them arranged for the country you’ll be visiting. With Global Basecamps putting together the best trips out there to dozens of countries, let’s get you started on your travel visa education!
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Anthony Bourdain: "Farewell, Tony!"

June 22,2018

It was with a heavy heart that we at Global Basecamps, along with countless fans around the world, learned of the passing of Anthony (“Tony”) Bourdain. Not only was he an award-winning chef, TV personality and food writer, but his courage and creativity as a globetrotting culinary explorer helped those of us who travel - or dream of traveling - do so with a greater sense of connection and community with those we might otherwise see as “other”.

Brooklyn-based Korean-American journalist Amy S. Choi’s article “What Americans can learn from other food cultures” describes food’s many symbolic roles in our lives, contributing more than we realize to our identity, as well as our survival, status, pleasure, community and humanity. The rise over the last handful of years of region-specific cuisine thanks to the local and “Slow Food” movements, as well as the voices of many food-based celebrities alongside Bourdain, are reminders that how we interact with our food systems - from farm or dock to table - is a major factor in our relationships with each other and where we live and travel to. The countries and their dishes, as well as their chefs and fellow diners, that Tony brought to us were as varied as they were delicious. Check out this clip of Tony digging into some amazing ceviche, the national dish of Peru:

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