Best of Basecamps: Kyambura Gorge Lodge

September 23,2011
Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Volcanoes Safaris, our in-country partner in Uganda and Rwanda recently added a new eco lodge to the Volcanoes Collection. The new lodge, Kyambura Gorge Lodge, is located in western Uganda on the border of the Kyambura Gorge and Queen Elizabeth National Park offering incredible views with the peaks of Rwenzori Mountains in the background. The lodge was carefully constructed to ensure practical ecotourism initiatives were in place and that the lodge could help further conservation efforts and work with the local communities.

Community Projects

Kyambura Gorge Lodge participates in a wide array of community projects that educate the local people. Projects emphasize wildlife preservation, increased tourism income for the communities, and community development. Some initiatives in place are creating football, netball and fitness classes for local children, working with women’s groups to produce organic coffee and a vegetable garden, restoring a wetland, and creating a buffer zone along the gorge to protect the 20 endangered chimpanzees living on the gorge. Kyambura Gorge Lodge differentiates itself from other accommodations by playing a pivotal role in the community and expanding ecotourism initiatives to protect the area. The lodge has created a 150 acre mini wildlife reserve which protects the chimpanzees, preserves a wetland, and minimizes human wildlife conflict.

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