Announcing Exclusive Line of Shared Departure Schedules for 2018

February 07,2018

For over a decade now Global Basecamps has made a name for itself helping clients arrange tailor made travel itineraries to satisfy the specific individual needs of our clients. We have always maintained our commitment to providing clients with unique experiences and a high level of customer service, and now we are excited to announce our exclusive line of set departures. These scheduled trips are ideal for individuals wanting the convenience of joining a small group of likeminded travelers or just anyone looking for great value.

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Africa Safari Conservation in 2018

September 01,2017

We are very excited to announce the 2018 set departure dates for two conservation-focused African safari tours which will take place in Kenya and Zimbabwe. The Kenya conservation safari was such a success in 2017, that we are thrilled to offer it again this coming year. In Zimbabwe, this is the first conservation safari of it's kind showcasing how sustainable tourism can truly make a difference. Space is limited, if you want to partake in this lifetime opportunity, confirm your spot today.

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Kenya Camping Tours to Ol Pejeta Conservancy Camp

August 21,2012

Ol Pejeta RhinoOn Kenya camping tours, you may spy one of 700 eastern black rhinos left in the wild, an elephant is not too far off, and a small herd of mooing cattle wanders into your field of vision as you snap the perfect photo of a grazing zebra. There is one place in Kenya where the cows are not out of place, and in fact are welcomed into the environment. This week we’d like to feature a basecamp in Kenya we all get very excited about, Ol Pejeta. Though it is more of a wildlife conservancy, Ol Pejeta is home to a number of lodges and camps, all run by the non-profit organization.

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Kenya Safari Tours to the Camps of Born to Be Wild Film

May 24,2012

Orphan Elephants at PlayDocumentaries come and go, and sometimes they are as easily forgettable as they are initially impactful, but we think Born to Be Wild, a film directed by David Lickley, deserves a little more attention. Nature documentaries have always been commercially and critically successful, and over the last few years the popularization of marching penguins, along with BBC-produced hi-def documentary series have certainly raised the bar for commercial success. High definition, 3-D and IMAX formats, along with the narrations of a man named Morgan Freeman are the new formula it seems.

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Top-Rated Camp for Your Luxury Tanzania Safari

October 07,2011
Basecamp Masai Mara

Basecamp Masai Mara consists of permanent luxury tents situated on the border of the Masai Mara National Reserve. Each tent has a private deck overlooking the Talek River with an incredible view of the vast savannah. Comfort is not forgone at this luxury safari lodge, as the spacious tents each have an ensuite bathroom with a solar heated shower that opens to the sky. Meals are eaten in the wood and thatch dining room hall, which is open so guests can enjoy the breeze coming from across the savannah. This exclusive luxury Tanzania safari tours camp in Kenya was named the world’s best ecotourism hotel by Skål International, the world’s largest association for professionals within the tourism industry.

Being in such close proximity to the Masai Mara Nation Reserve gate, Masai Mara Basecamp provides exceptional wildlife viewing. Most of the tents are located water side and have incredible views of the plains, as well as of the Talek River, home to crocodiles and hippos. The Basecamp is ideal for adventure travelers looking for an eco friendly accommodation option. All the materials used to construct the tent were sourced locally. Guests can enjoy being close to the sights and sounds of Africa, while still being comfortable and able to enjoy a hot shower, delicious meals, and a comfortable bed.

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