Why You Are Going to Bhutan This Year

May 10,2012

By the looks of the upcoming fall season, it looks like it’s time to dust off your Bhutanese festival clothes, everybody. If there is ever a unique travel opportunity or rare confluence of events that would make a trip extra-special, we like to let people know about it; this is one of those times. Thanks to the nature of the Bhutanese lunar calendar this year, two Tsechu festivals are running back-to-back in Wangdue and Thimphu from September 23-27.

Thimphu Tsechu Festival DancerSimilar to no other country, and unfamiliar to even the most experienced world-traveler, Bhutan itself is the ultimate destination for travelers who crave rare experiences. Valuing its citizens’ harmony and happiness over economic growth, part of the government’s efforts to maintain its culture intact, and its environment pristine, has been limiting foreign travelers within its borders. Bhutan is an example of sustainable travel gone government-enforced. One can only tour Bhutan through a government-licensed operator, and many religious sites are off-limits to tourists. However when you visit this enigmatic land, you will become one of the few foreigners to witness its slow introduction to the modern world.

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