Global Basecamps Gets Recognized


by elias


Global Basecamps is incredibly proud to have been named a finalist for TravelAge West's Trendsetter Award for Upward Bound, Rockstar Agent Under 40. Our Travel Specialist Andres Zuleta, has been a part of the Global Basecamps family since 2009 and specializes in customizing travel to Japan and South America.

A large factor in TravelAge West’s decision to nominate Andres was Global Basecamp’s commitment as a whole to bring you a new, (and we think better!) way to see Japan. From one-on-one experiences with geisha, to staying in traditional Japanese ryokan, Global Basecamps strives to truly connect you to Japan's ancient culture. We will not let you leave Japan without at least a few truly cultural experiences, and this sets us apart in a way that TravelAge West recognized.

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