Social Responsibility: Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School

July 14,2011
Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School

Tiger Mountain Properties, our in country partner in Nepal, has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable travel and ecoturism. They support a wide range of local programs, in addition to creating their own community projects throughout the country. These focus on health, education, and conservation, and illustrate Tiger Mountain’s concern for the environmental and human needs that exist where its lodges, camps and trekking routes are located. Global Basecamps is happy to be contributing to the Tiger Mountain Properties’ school programs.

Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School

The Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School and library, located on the edge of Chitwan National Park in the southern Terai, Nepal, is now in its 15th year. In collaboration with the Swissair Staff Fund for Children’s Relief, the school was created for underprivileged children who were unable to afford government school fees; it provides free education, meals and health care. The free head start program was developed for young children of poor families near the Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge. The students are selected from the different ethnic communities in the area, Mushahar, Bote, Tharu, Kammi, Damai, Gurung, Kamal etc., based on their financial and nutritional needs. The school strives to provide the children with the skills necessary to prepare them for further education, and then funds their onward education in government school when they complete the 4-year program.

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Five of the World's Best Treks

July 12,2011

Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail TrekInca Trail Tours are one of the most famous treks in South America. The 26 mile hike offers travelers natural beauty, culture, and adventure. Hikers will experience beautiful mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest, subtropical jungle, and of course an incredible mix of Inca ruins. Culminating the challenging trek is the arrival at the ancient Inca site, Machu Picchu. Travelers should anticipate spending at least 2 full days in Cusco prior to the hike in order to adjust to the altitude. The best time of year to hike the Inca Trail is during the dry season, which lasts from May to October or November. The rainy season is from December to April, and the trail is closed in February due to heavy rains. However, light rain at Machu Picchu is not uncommon year round. Day time temperatures can range anywhere from 50-82ºF, with night time temperatures from around 32-50ºF. 

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