On The Road Again: Travel Gram of The Week

April 27,2015


Our once-Travel Specialist friend Richard continues his round the world adventure in this week's Travel Gram of The Week. After marinating in Hanoi coffee shops for a few days, Richard rented a motorbike to explore the Ha Giang region of northern Vietnam. This northern frontier region borders China, which unfortunately keeps many travelers away, but thankfully Richard has the heart of an explorer, and didn't hesitate to hit the road.

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The Elephant Express: Travel Gram of The Week

April 20,2015

People loved this fun picture on Global Basecamps' Instagram this week. And we can't blame them! Any time our Travel Specialist Meagan has a glass of champagne in hand on the African savannah, good times are being had.

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Halong Bay: Travel Gram of The Week

April 14,2015


Just a four hour drive from the northern city of Hanoi sits one of Asia's most beautiful landscapes. It almost doesn't make sense for a traveler to spend time in Hanoi, and not visit Halong Bay. That's why most of Global Basecamps' customized Vietnam itineraries include at least a one night stay on the bay.

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Old Friends On Easter Island: Travel Gram of The Week

April 06,2015

Moai on Easter Island

A couple of buddies who go way back got some love on Global Basecamps' instagram feed this week. Surely, conversation topics must run thin among such seasoned compatriots.

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Monks in Phrae: Travel Gram of The Week

March 30,2015
Monks in Phrae
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