Why Should I Book My Travel In Advance?

January 22,2016

Cathedral in Quito, Ecuador

More and more travelers are beginning to understand the need to book their travel far in advance. At first, this might feel like a huge commitment, and we completely understand. For experienced travelers accustomed to booking local tours, and ensuring hotel “deals” by booking last minute, planning far ahead is a change in mindset. Why do it? Why book a trip today that you won’t even enjoy a year from now? Here are some great reasons.

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Sustainable Tourism: Travel Happy

March 25,2014

Ilgaz Mountains

Our super-intern Sean assisted in conducting research on a fascinating subject during his study abroad program: Well-being. Following is a report to Global Basecamps travelers about his experience.

I was in Turkey to explore the effect that tourism can have on the well-being of a local population. What does "well-being" really mean though? Basically well-being can be seen as a measure of how happy people are with their government, family, work, their play, and really their lives. So, the question at the heart of my trip was: “How can sustainable tourism increase the well-being of locals?” The trip shed light on the impacts that tourism has on the happiness of both travelers and the people they interact with on their trips.

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Global Basecamps Gets Recognized

July 23,2013

Global Basecamps is incredibly proud to have been named a finalist for TravelAge West's Trendsetter Award for Upward Bound, Rockstar Agent Under 40. Our Travel Specialist Andres Zuleta, has been a part of the Global Basecamps family since 2009 and specializes in customizing travel to Japan and South America.

A large factor in TravelAge West’s decision to nominate Andres was Global Basecamp’s commitment as a whole to bring you a new, (and we think better!) way to see Japan. From one-on-one experiences with geisha, to staying in traditional Japanese ryokan, Global Basecamps strives to truly connect you to Japan's ancient culture. We will not let you leave Japan without at least a few truly cultural experiences, and this sets us apart in a way that TravelAge West recognized.

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Direct Flights From San Diego to Tokyo

March 27,2012

There was a buzz around the office here at Global Basecamps last week. As a San Diego-based company, we are so happy to get word from Japan Airlines that they will be debuting the first non-stop flights from San Diego and Boston to Tokyo. According to Japan Airlines’ press release, “JAL will begin serving the eighth most populous U.S. city, also the city with the largest Asian community currently without a direct flight to Asia, with four flights a week from December 2012 and daily from March 2013 to/from Narita [Airport].” Surely, many Southern Californians will welcome this news as an opportunity to skip a commute to LAX for any direct flights to the Asian capital.

JAL Boeing 787

Japan Airlines definitely had the Japanese business sector in mind when they created this route, as San Diego is the home to research institutions, universities and is closer to Tijuana, Mexico, where many Japanese companies conduct business, but this doesn’t mean that western travelers can’t take advantage of the new daily flights for their next ecotour! Not only will this make travel to Japan easier for Southern Californians, but Tokyo’s Narita Airport is also one of the major hubs for travel in Asia. That ecotour in Vietnam could only be one airport transfer away!

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Holiday Travel Tips

November 18,2011

Whether you're driving a few hours to visit family, or escaping for a Tanzania safari, travel during the holidays can be difficult to say the least. This is the time of year with the greatest chance for travel to go wrong. It’s the most crowded, chaotic, and expensive time of year for trips. While some difficulties are unavoidable, here are a few tips to help you avoid some of the headaches encountered during holiday travel.


Book in Advance

Contact a travel agent to book your holiday travel in advance. This will allow you to secure your hotel rooms and get the lowest priced airfare. Keep in mind prices will generally rise during the holiday season, with the high demand. For some airlines and accommodations, booking early may help you qualify for a discount.

Pack Light

With the rising baggage fees and the hassle of checking your bag during the holiday season, it may be beneficial to travel with just a carry on if possible. Some airlines place special restrictions during the holidays and allow only one carry-on. So, if you need to check a bag, make sure it is less than 50 pounds to avoid additional fees. Avoid being the frazzled, stressed-out family unpacking and reorganizing their bags in the check-in line. Keep your things in order and ease the check-in process by printing your boarding pass before leaving for the airport and knowing the carry on restrictions. Liquids must be kept in containers of 3 ounces of less, the containers must be in 1 clear quart size zip lock bag, and only 1 bag is allowed per person. Flying may mean taking public transportation. By packing light you avoid the frustration of carry around a heavy suitcase or two.

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