Best of Basecamps: Awasi

July 06,2012

Awasi SuiteChile’s Atacama Desert is home to salt flats, snowy peaks, unique desert culture, hot springs, and even a few luxury resorts, but if you didn’t stay at this particular luxury resort during your last visit here, you didn’t do it right. This week we’d like to feature one of our favorite hotel properties in the world, Awasi. Hidden away in one of the most secluded corners on the planet, you wouldn’t expect to find world-class gourmet food, perfectly personalized service, and jaw dropping accommodations, but lo and behold, it’s all there.

We won’t act like the main attraction to Awasi isn’t the Atacama Desert itself, because it is. One cannot deny the awesomeness of the mountains surrounding it, nor the vastness of the empty, arid desert. This geological nook is home to much of Chile’s ancestral heritage, thanks to the water springs that dot the landscape, and any trip to South America should include this place whether you are backpacking or going Awasi-style. Like any other desert, temperatures here fluctuate between night and day, but daytime temperatures are nearly always perfect (72°-82° year round). Named a desert thanks to its low rainfall, water still makes an impactful presence here, as thermal pools, geysers and marshes burst their way through the dry ground, giving life to Atacama’s strangely varied flora and fauna.

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New Torres del Paine Temporary Itineraries

February 02,2012
Torres del Paine

As you may have heard, Chile recently experienced devastating forest fires, damaging parts of the beautiful Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Patagonia. The wildfires began December 27th and quickly spread as the result of drought conditions and strong winds. The fires lasted 10 days, damaging about 7% of the park. The fires were brought under control in early January and the majority of the park reopened on January 4th, 2012.

The park is now operating normally, with hotels and other services open to receive tourists. Chile’s National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) has begun developing a restoration plan to reforest sections damaged by the fire. The plan will be implemented in Spring, with April being an important month for reforestation.

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Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji: Yoga and Surf Retreat

October 20,2011

Global Basecamps is offering our clients a special discounted price on a Fiji yoga and surf retreat December 3rd-10th at Tavarua Island Resort! Tavarua is a tiny heart-shaped jewel among the hundreds that comprise the Fijian Chain. Boasting the most well known and consistent waves in Fiji, Cloudbreak and Restaurants, Tavarua Island also offers that special Fijian hospitality and island beauty that forever touches all who have had the opportunity to experience it.

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10 Tips for a Green Fourth of July

July 01,2011

Whether you are traveling this Fourth of July or spending time with friends in your home town here a few tips to make your holiday celebration more eco-friendly!

1. Enjoy the Outdoors

Hopefully you will be enjoying this holiday celebration outside. By taking the party outdoors you can reduce the amount of energy used and cut the energy costs of utilizing indoor facilities.

2. Eat Local

Consider hitting the farmer’s market this weekend and purchasing locally grown organic food to cook on the Fourth. Locally grown and organic foods are not only good for you but the environment too, as they help reduce chemicals used in processed foods and pollution caused by transportation that is necessary to ship non-local food products.

3. Avoid Using at Home Fireworks
Fireworks are definitely not environmentally friendly. They contain hazardous chemicals that pollute the atmosphere. Avoid doing fireworks at home this Fourth of July and head to your local beach or park to enjoy a nearby fireworks show. You may want to consider talking to your local officials about more eco-friendly fireworks, or fireworks alternatives.
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