Best Peru Tours and Trips to Peru

November 28,2012

Mountain Biking Through The Sacred ValleyThe Inca Trail leading to the fortress city of Machu Picchu is simply one of the most amazing hikes you will ever experience. This multi-day trek brings tens of thousands of travelers to Peru annually, and is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Global Basecamps Peru tours travelers are a different breed, however! More and more of our clients are returning to Peru for the second and third time. For some, Machu Picchu is not just a once in a lifetime experience, but a twice and thrice! And for others, they’ve realized that Peru has multitudes of activities to offer that don’t involve the Inca Trail.

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Know Before You Go: Practicing Cultural Responsibility in China

November 09,2010

Urbn ShanghaiEver cringed and declined when offered a strange looking dish in a new country? Gawked when you saw someone dressed strangely in a different nation? If so, then you are not being culturally responsible and respectable. A few weeks back we discussed how important is it to know before you go. Preparing for your adventure travels by learning the customs and traditions of your host country can help you avoid awkward situations. After living in Shanghai for 4 years, I’m here to give you a few tips on being culturally responsible in China.

If you are luckily enough to have a native guide in your travels to China, then you will get to enjoy the best local cuisines the country has to offer. Chinese food is shared and served family style on a rotating glass circle in the center of the table. Always arrive on time to dinner, as punctuality is valued in China and a demonstration of respect.

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