Narita Airport or Haneda Airport: Which is Better to Fly Into?

September 19,2018
You've just confirmed your Japan trip of a lifetime and are ready to get your flights squared away! Often, the most convenient and best priced flight options are through, Tokyo; which of the city's two major airports would be best for your trip?
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Travel and Local Languages: How Much Should I Learn For My Trip?

September 14,2018

Many of us choose to travel for many reasons: visiting famous ruins, climbing an iconic peak, seeing captivating wildlife … the list could go on and on. At the same time, many of us travelers come away with a much greater than anticipated appreciation for the local people we meet in the country we visit. It is often said that a smile is the universal language, and it can be a charming part of our trip to make our way through our trip relying on our guides and some nonverbal communication. However, it is both practical and polite to learn some of the language of the people whose homelands we will be visiting.

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What Clothes to Take Traveling

September 10,2018

When it comes to clothing for travel, is one outfit as good as another? A pricier pair of pants just a gimmick, trodding the fashion treadmill? And what about something more specific, like a rain jacket? Does our old one we dig out of the back of the closet work just as well as one we might choose at an outdoor retailer after talking to a specialist there?

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Trip Add Ons: Music Festivals in Africa

August 24,2018

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When we travel, we have the opportunity to experience other cultures in so many ways. We can meet the locals and learn from them about their culture and language, take in the scenery and wildlife, experience the food … the chances for our hearts being transformed are endless. And of course, music! Traditional music everywhere we look across human cultures, and few places are as synonymous with rich musical heritage of song and dance than Africa. The continent of Africa is home to a vast array of devotional, classical, folk and popular musical traditions which come together to create vibrant music festivals, a perfect add-on to your trip with Global Basecamps. There are many of these festivals that take place throughout the year in the countries we serve, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Morocco.

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How Do I Stay Healthy While Traveling?

August 16,2018

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Any of us who have had some kind of illness or injury befall us while out adventuring can attest to it being an unpleasant experience. Ultimately - in travel and in daily life - our health is our responsibility, and we are wise to be mindful in balancing risks and precautions. Come along as we explore health principles that will serve us well, on the road and even at home.

The following will keep our health (which is the foundation of travel health) habits on track for a life of freedom and enjoyment, in our daily life and while out traveling:

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